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Logistic department


We are monitoring and utilizing all logistic chains important for our company, which are related to input supplies, transformation process and deliveries of complete products to the customers.

It Includes:

  • Supply logistic
  • Productin logistic
  • Distribution logistic

Our logistic functions are divided into:

  • Optimalization function – it is the ambition to optimalize technological, technical, economical and others processes – effort of unification.
  • The customer service degree – 3 main influence factors, related to it are: delivery time, flexibility, and delivery reliability.
  • Monitoring of costs creation – optimalization of 2 cost types:
  • Logistic costs – costs for creation and managing of logistic system, stock costs, transport costs. manipulation costs and others...
  • Deficiency costs – they are made as the result of insuficient services (penalties, fines, customer loose and etc.)

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